Diving into the Detail: An Interview with Lindsey Woodland, Finance Director at Tinsdills Solicitors

An interview with Lindsey Woodland, Finance Director at Tinsdills Solicitors in partnership with Katchr.

“The first bit of planning I had to do after lockdown was to throw all our existing plans in the bin and start again!” recalls Lindsey Woodland, Finance Director at Tinsdills Solicitors.

The firm, which has 13 directors and offices in Staffordshire and Cheshire, was in the midst of planning for its new financial year, beginning at the end of April. The planning process at that point was typical of many firms of a similar size, based around fee budgets and cashflow forecasts.

“It was quite rudimentary,” says Lindsey, who leads a finance team of four, previously five, staff. “We would approach all the department heads and ask them to forecast their revenue for the next 12 months. We’d look at what they achieved during the previous 12 months, any changes to their team or capabilities, and agree a target for the coming year. We’d do that for every department and then use it to build a firm-wide fee budget. We’d then go through a similar process for costs. We were halfway through that process, but it was all binned within a few hours,” she says.

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