Alternative Legal Management Hangout #8 Takeaways – November 2020

In November’s Alternative Legal Management Hangout, sponsored by Pulsant, we discussed three areas of digital disruption and tech adoption:

  • Technology
  • Talent
  • Change management

Some key takeaways from our panellists are as follows.

1. Don’t stop asking questions

“Asking questions is the way you move forward and develop” – Neil Aitken, Finance Director, Woodfines Solicitors

Asking the right questions is one of the most powerful tools a leader can use. Not only does asking questions identify challenges your team is facing, but it also develops a judgment-free culture of high-trust, honesty, and good listening. This, in turn, fosters an environment that facilitates innovation, creativity, and growth – the key ingredients for a successful company.

2. Make the most of mid-market agility

“We are more capable than we believe and small enough to move quickly. It’s less about new and more about leveraging what you’re already doing” – Andrew Gilyead, Chief Operating Officer, Anthony Collins Solicitors

For many mid-market firms, their size is their superpower when it comes to pivoting and adopting change. That said, before making huge adjustments within your firm, take Andrew’s advice, and evaluate what you already have that can be repurposed or used to fuller potential.

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