Digital Disruption and Tech Adoption: Three Lessons

In November’s Alternative Tech Leaders Hangout, sponsored by Pulsant, LoopUp, Board we discussed three areas of digital disruption and tech adoption:

  • Technology
  • Talent
  • Change management

Some key takeaways from our panellists are as follows.

1. Mindset change is the best promise of change

“New business models have opened but the right foundations need to be in place to innovate. There has to be a cultural and mindset shift.”  – Sarah Blair, Director of IT, Thorntons.

By fostering a culture that adapts to change, the pace of change becomes a less daunting prospect. Put the parameters in place within your team to empower them to not just tolerate change, but to welcome and celebrate progression.

2. Evaluate to find hindrances to progression

“Ask yourself, what’s the rock in the wagon?” –  Connie Wiseman, CIO, Ronan Daly Jermyn.

No company wants to be seen as set in its ways or stuck ‘behind the times’. In 2020, the tech landscape has not so much changed than been realised and used in a fuller capacity in order for companies to continue progressing in the face of the hurdles brought by Covid.  How is your business harnessing all the tech available to help make 2020 smoother?  By stepping back and asking others for feedback, it is easier to identify roadblocks to development within your company and put the necessary steps in place to move forward.

3. Keep an open mind

“Online collaboration is not achieved by replicating the old. Learn the relevant skills from those who have been doing this for longer, such as universitiies” – Harry Gaskell, CIO, EY.

Although many businesses are navigating remote working for the first time, there are organisations for whom this is business as usual. By reaching out to organisations that have found their rhythm in the virtual working world, and listening to some of their learning points, you can skip some of the arduous growing pains of adapting to the Covid landscape.

4. In times of crisis, your team may surprise you with their willingness to adapt

“We were surpised to see how well staff has embraced tech” – Barrie Cox, Senior IT Manager, Hillier Hopkins.

It’s understandable for leaders to be worried about their team’s capacity to adapt to change in 2020. However, while it’s essential to fulfil your duty of care to your staff by ensuring they feel supported when it comes to tech your team may well be more resilient than you expected so don’t be afraid to try new ways of embracing tech within your teams.

Did you miss this Hangout? Watch the video here and sign up for the next session here.