Alternative Accountancy Hangout #8 Takeaways – November 2020

Covid has been “a tipping point of historic proportions for tech adoption and digital disruption.” (McKinsey). In November’s Alternative Accountancy Hangout, we discussed three areas: technology, talent and change management.

Thank you to our sponsors of this Alternative Hangout: Circit, ReceiptBank, RBRO Solutions, Wolters Kluwer, Redstor, M-Files and Huddle.

Some key takeaways from our panellists were:

 1. We need digital disruption to force us down new paths

“100% takeup of Microsoft Teams forced less pragmatic people to embrace tech.” – Orla Flint, Head of Innovation at Smith Cooper.

As workforces have migrated to individual homes, staff and clients are required to exit their comfort zones in order to maintain momentum by using tech to collaborate. Many businesses are finding that methods or plans that have remained in the pipeline for years are finally being realised quite quickly in 2o2o.


2. Harness the opportunity to step back and gain a wider perspective

“We were given the opportunity to stand back and see the business holistically, rather than in silos.” – Douglas Rintoul, CIO, Johnston Carmichael Chartered Accountants.

In day-to-day operations, it is easy to slip into a siloed mindset where your immediate team is your first priority. Leaders are finding that the events of 2020 have forced them to adopt a more peripheral vision of the company as a whole, empowering and equipping them to recognise and implement the changes needed for the business to excel.


3. Use this time to nurture client relationships

“This is an opportunity to help clients and support them through transition.” – Ben Smith, Partner, Ecovis.

While some are coping better than others, 2020 hasn’t been easy on anybody. Going the extra mile to extend empathy and help to clients pays dividends, not only in loyalty but in strengthened relationships, referrals and the satisfaction of exercising company values.


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