6 Pieces of Management Advice from Managing Partners

A question every good manager asks themselves is, ‘how can I be a better leader?’. At one of our recent Alternative Hangouts, we asked prominent managing partners of the UK’s top law firms to share the best piece of management advice they have ever received and that they would like to pass on to others.

1) “Tell why rather than what”

If you want your team to go through the motions, tell them what. But if you want your team to feel motivated and excel, tell them why. Inviting your employees to be part of your vision empowers them to take ownership and contribute new ideas.

2) “Keep asking open questions and it will support your core values”

Showing a genuine interest in your team members will build trust and rapport, both of which are essential in a thriving workplace. Take the time to ask open questions and find out about your employees to help foster a culture of respect and open communication.

3) “Always communicate…

…more than you might think you need to”

Every time we discuss communication with our communities, we hear the same message: you can’t overcommunicate. Research shows that communication is 70-93% non-verbal, so in the age of virtual working, it has never been more important to communicate clearly and effectively with your team from afar.

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