Outsourced vs in-house IT: Which is better?

Here is the age-old debate of many organisations, will an outsourced IT provider or an in-house team be best? And as you look all over the internet, there will be compelling arguments for both albeit likely to be biased.

However, the genuine answer to this debate will depend on your business, its needs, size, industry, and budgetary requirements. There is no simple answer. You are likely to have remained with the IT set-up that you have had for a while.

But is this right for your business in the coming years? Let us look at the pros and cons of both outsourced and in-house IT.

Outsourcing IT

We should start by clearly outlining what we mean by outsourced IT. Gartner defines it as using external service providers to deliver IT-enabled processes, application services and infrastructure solutions for business outcomes. Outsourcing can be delivered in various forms, from simple software installation and management, all the way through to managing your complete IT infrastructure.

As with any supplier, you should not just opt for the most local, or the cheapest. Careful consideration is required as you will need a provider that can deliver you the most value to your business. From industry expertise to the average time it takes them to resolve an issue.

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