Back in June, I wrote an article called A Conversation with a Postman. The basic premise was that we needed to look carefully at what was really going on with Covid, what was actually happening and what did the data points mean.

Our article got a good response and a number of people encouraged us to do more – many of the strategies we flagged still remain valid and so we have focussed more on data points and a snapshot of where we see the market being at now. We are lucky that our work spans sectors, geographies, in-house teams, corporates, law firms, litigation funders, tec businesses and more, and so we see a lot.

As previously stated, we don’t have all the answers but are keen to contribute to the solution.

And so, to the data points:


  • Amazon creating 7,000 new permanent jobs in the UK. This is on top of the 3,000 already created this year bringing the overall total this year to 10,000. (link)
  • Costa may axe 1,650 jobs as it struggles to recover after lockdown. (link)
  • Virgin Atlantic to cut another 1,000 jobs after £1.2bn rescue.

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