Could there be a better time to review your IT strategy? From the adoption of flexible working, cloud applications to the recent events of 2020, you may find your plan outdated. We know that even the thought of creating such an IT plan can be daunting, which is why we have developed an eBook. Our four-part series IT Strategy Framework to guide you through it so you can build your IT strategy.

Part 1 – Assess, Review & Deconstruct – Available now!

In this section, you will begin to fully understand what it is your business wants to achieve now and in the future. This is key to being able to develop an effective IT strategy. Following that, you will start by examining the strengthens and weaknesses of your current set-up and technology.

Part 2 – Planning & Considerations – Coming Soon

Next, you will begin to look at what planning and considerations need to be made across your information and data, employees and your clients. This will play a vital part in the planning process as sometimes these can be easily missed.

Part 3- Must-haves, Improvements & Transformation – Coming Soon

In this part, you will focus on categorising your highlighted and suggested changes into one of three types, must-haves, improvements and transformation.

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