Alternative Legal Management Hangout #7 Takeaways – October 2020

In our October Alternative Legal Management Hangout, we talked about how you can continue to provide optimistic leadership for your staff and clients over the next six months and the ways in which you can collaborate and work as normally as possible.

 Here are three takeaways from the session:

1. Define your values

“I’ve picked up four key takeaways: accountability, transparency, keeping it real, and understanding others’ fears” – Amanda Glover, Managing Partner Consultant & formerly Managing Partner at Baker Law

Working on your own emotional intelligence is core to developing strong leadership skills during this time of uncertainty. Redefining your values and learning what your team responds to in a leader is what makes the difference.

2. Communicate confidence

“Leaders need to transmit a level of confidence.” – John Hargrave, COO & Finance Director of B P Collins

During times of uncertainty, your team will be looking to someone to communicate confidence to lead them. Taking command will help your staff and clients feel that there is someone they can rely on.

3. Be transparent

“Staff welcome being kept informed – it encourages a positive environment.”

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