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Alternative Legal IT Hangout #7 Takeaways – October 2020

In October’s Alternative Legal IT Hangout, the topic of discussion was: how to support our staff and clients over the next six months and what the technology options are to help you collaborate and work as normally as possible.

Some key takeaways from our panellists are as follows.

1. Find the right balance for staff

“We’re trying to adapt our approach on a team by team basis. We’re working on getting the balance right between the social element and keeping teams safe.” – Sam Luxford Watts, IT Director at IBB Solicitors.

Striking a healthy balance between ensuring your staff have opportunities for social interactions while also adhering to safety guidelines and fulfilling duty of care is key. Some solutions include:

  • Creating a rota system to allow staff to work in the office without compromising social distancing protocol
  • Organising regular Zoom/Teams calls to encourage social catch-ups within your team
  • Assign ‘buddies’ to new staff to assist onboarding


2. Have a flexible approach to client needs

“It’s about adapting technology to what the client wants and needs,” – Dan Mitchell, Head of IT at Clarion Solicitors.

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