Tech Thursday – This Week’s Top Six Gadgets

Introducing Tech Thursdays! Discover the best gadgets of 2020 with our top alternative tech takeaways this week.

1. For Home Security – Ring Camera

While people have been returning to work, so have burglars. Ramp up your home security with a smart security camera – considered one of the best gadgets of 2020. Compared to leading security cameras, such as Nest and Arlo, Wired found that Ring had the best performance across all its features to offer you peace of mind while back in the office.

“All in, Ring comes out on top for a genuinely great combination of price, options, and ease of use. Nest and Arlo could be argued to have better hardware, but as an overall security system, Ring covers all the bases without costing a fortune or requiring complicated installation.” – Wired

2. For Getting Things Done – Apple Watch Series 6

From handwashing reminders to sophisticated sleep monitoring technology, the finesse of the Apple Watch Series 6 is every gadget-junkie’s dream.

“The Apple Watch Series 6 is an outstanding smartwatch, surprising nobody.

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