Tech Thursday – This Week’s Top Six Gadgets

Introducing Tech Thursdays! Discover the best gadgets of 2020 with our top alternative tech takeaways this week.

1. For Home Security – Ring Camera

While people have been returning to work, so have burglars. Ramp up your home security with a smart security camera – considered one of the best gadgets of 2020. Compared to leading security cameras, such as Nest and Arlo, Wired found that Ring had the best performance across all its features to offer you peace of mind while back in the office.

“All in, Ring comes out on top for a genuinely great combination of price, options, and ease of use. Nest and Arlo could be argued to have better hardware, but as an overall security system, Ring covers all the bases without costing a fortune or requiring complicated installation.” – Wired

2. For Getting Things Done – Apple Watch Series 6

From handwashing reminders to sophisticated sleep monitoring technology, the finesse of the Apple Watch Series 6 is every gadget-junkie’s dream.

“The Apple Watch Series 6 is an outstanding smartwatch, surprising nobody. Apple continues to fill in weak spots with the massive watchOS 7 update, new features, new sensors, and new colors. Anyone who is looking for an Apple Watch will be thrilled with Apple’s latest wearable.” – Apple Insider

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3. For the Home Gym – Peloton Bike+

Peloton was becoming increasingly popular before the pandemic, and thanks to gyms closing and increased working from home, sales shot up by 66%. For the first time since inception, Peloton has upgraded its hardware with the Bike+. Here’s what Wired has to say:

“The fact that the Bike+ brings extra variety and gives you more ways to stay in shape just makes us want to take another sip from Peloton’s particular brand of Kool-Aid.”


4. For the Home Office – Logitech ergo k860

The perfect keyboard can revolutionise your work experience by aiding posture and even your typing speed. But with so many on the market, which one is deemed the best? Digital Trends shares its take on the Logitech ergo k860.

“The angled key sections, plus the cushioned rest, helps keep carpal tunnel at bay, while the sloped design and scooped keys ensure your fingers won’t easily get tired even during long sessions of work.” – Digital Trends


5. For Leisure – LG CineBeam HU80KSW

While we’ve all been nurturing our Netflix addictions over lockdown, perhaps you’ve been curious about enhancing your viewing experience. Projectors are fast becoming the favourite screen option for the stadium-feel of a sports game and a cinema-esque movie experience, specifically the LG CineBeam HU80KSW.

“Everything from the speakers to the power plug is built into the projector itself, making for a tidy and well-designed product that’s wonderfully easy to move around the room or house.” – Tech Radar


6. The Alternative Gadget – Ember Travel Mug

Never drink another cold cup of tea or coffee again. The Ember Travel Mug is the Thermos’s superior, pricier cousin for the tech-obsessed.

“A hot beverage is the quickest way to warm up, and this smart mug will maintain your chosen ideal temperature! It holds 12 oz of liquid, and will maintain its temperature for up to 3 hours (or all day if it’s sitting on the charging coaster, which is included.) It’s got a digital temperature display on the outside of the mug, as well as a control panel to change your temperature right on the side of the mug (or you can do it in the app, where you can also save preferred settings for different beverages.)” – TickTockTech


Image from TechCrunch



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