Using technology to solve the UK’s productivity puzzle

02 July


The productivity puzzle

The UK has seen slow rates of productivity growth over the past decade. Measures such as output per hour and real wages have failed to reach the levels they were at prior to the global financial crisis in 2008. This phenomenon is referred to by economists as the productivity puzzle.

Due to our recent withdrawal from the EU and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the future of the UK economy is looking even more uncertain. But one thing is certain: with out-of-office working at an all-time high, forward-thinking companies must increase the productivity of their mobile workforces if they are to survive and thrive for the long term.

The major driving force that will enable the necessary increases in productivity is technology. In this article, we discuss the productivity challenges facing today’s organisations and the solutions that can help them to maximise mobile employee productivity in a secure and efficient way.

Password-less productivity gains

There are numerous productivity challenges associated with people having to access multiple unconnected systems to do their day-to-day jobs. For instance, the more systems an organisation’s employees need to access, the more time is wasted entering multiple passwords and usernames.

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