Proudly announcing Rubus for iOS

5th August 2020


Feature-rich email client with send and file to boost productivity

Following an extensive period of development and testing, we are delighted to announce that Rubus for iOS is now available. While the journey has been a long one, in our opinion the productivity gains for iOS device users are well worth the wait.

How does it work

Developed by Appurity Connect, together with 9Folders, Rubus for iOS is built into the Nine Work email app.

This productivity-focused solution allows iManage users to send and file emails directly from the Nine email app when they are away from the office. It also lets mobile workers quickly file inbox items to the right matter.

iManage productivity gains

For most readers, the future of the UK economy has never been more uncertain. Many organisations face the daunting prospect of letting some employees go and operating with a smaller team. That’s one of the reasons forward-thinking firms are looking to increase workforce productivity, especially for remote workers.

Rubus and iManage are designed to help mobile workers in the private, legal, financial, and commercial sectors to be more productive whenever they’re away from the office on business.

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