Effective crisis communications are essential

13 August 2020


Effective crisis communications are essential

As the economy begins to open and you plan to bring your workforce back into the workplace, you need to be ready for anything. In the coming months, communicating and reacting decisively to any incident, event or emergency is more important than ever.

Staff returning to work will need time to adapt to their new workplace, which may be in a constant state of change. Government and public health bodies will continue to be the primary source of information, but there are many others. With all the news and updates from multiple sources, it’s hard to track, monitor or even determine its authenticity.

You must ensure that only critical messages are sent to staff and stakeholders during this transition period. But first, you’ll need to interpret the wealth of incoming information to determine what’s happened, and how best to respond.


Crisis communications create a common operating picture


Beyond the pandemic

Businesses cannot afford to forget about all the other non-Covid 19 threats out there. Critical incident communications apply to a broad range of scenarios, from traffic accidents to potential cyber-attacks.

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