Alternative Tech Leaders Hangout #6 Takeaways – October 2020

In October’s Alternative Tech Leaders Hangout, the topic of discussion was: how to support our staff and clients over the next six months and what the technology options are to help you collaborate and work as normally as possible.

Some key takeaways from our panellists are as follows.

1. Help staff realise their capabilities

“We’ve got all the tech we’re ever going to need, so the challenge is around knowledge and helping the staff understand the capability at their fingertips” – Scott Mackintosh, Head of Executive Office & Operations at Herbert Smith Freehills

In many instances, the tech is more than sufficient but isn’t being used to its full potential. If your team isn’t working as efficiently or productively as you think they could be, assess how confident and competent they are when it comes to the tech and implement necessary training to help everyone work at the same level.

2. Learn from clients

“Naturally, clients are looking at different ways of working too” – Vasan Srinivasan, Delivery Director at Capgemini

Agile approaches are necessary when dealing with unprecedented situations. Your clients may be more receptive to trying new methods than you realise.

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