Alternative In-House Legal Hangout #7 Takeaways – October 2020

In October’s Alternative In-House Legal Hangout, we discussed the interface between legal and the business and asked the question:  how can we develop a tech architecture that works for both the legal department and the wider business?

Some key takeaways from our panellists were:

1. Alignment is key

“In order to be successful, [the interface between legal and the business] has to be seamless and aligned with the strategy of each organisation. Innovation is the differentiator.” – Victoria Mee, General Counsel, Aston University

Intentionality and planning are fundamental when creating an approach to tech that supports the legal department alongside the business in synergy. How is this achieved? By defining the organisation’s goals, communicating well between teams, and assessing the most effective route to meet the needs of the company as a whole, rather than being too department-focused.

2. Prioritise time to be innovative

“For us, it wasn’t a cost-driven exercise. We had to determine the activities that can be automated in order to free up legal time to be creative and have discussions.” – Maurus Schreyvogel, Chief Legal Innovation Officer, Novartis

Finding ways to open up time to spend brainstorming and being innovative may be more productive in the long-term than cutting costs.

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