Alternative Accountancy Hangout #7 Takeaways – September 2020

In September’s Alternative Accountancy Hangout, we discussed how to support staff and clients over the next six months and what the technology options are to help you collaborate and work as normally as possible.

Some key takeaways from our panellists were:

 1. Make it easy for staff to ask for help

“We put in a decent support desk solution to make it easy for people  to raise problems” – Jonny Woodward, IT Director, PKF Francis Clark

The key to smooth remote working is to make it as simple as possible for staff to raise issues or concerns and get quick access to solutions. Setting up a support desk for tech issues ensures the virtual office is a well-oiled machine and reassures staff that help is within reach if they encounter tech glitches.


2. Pay attention to how clients are responding

“We can learn from our clients too. It doesn’t have to be a one-way street.” – Jonathan Booty, IT Systems Manager, Bulley Davey Limited

While clients will be watching to see how firms operate in response to the virtual working landscape, companies will also benefit from seeing how clients adjust to the new environment. Look out for how clients are handling tech, meetings, and staff to see if they are using strategies your company would benefit from adopting.

3. Keep your teams connected

“The challenge will be keeping teams connected and we will be using tech to keep the office culture alive” – Penny Thompson, Accounts, Tax and Operations Manager, Churchgates

How does one foster office culture without an office? Now is the time to be more creative than ever. Offices won’t look conventional for quite some time, so a novel approach is necessary for keeping the team spirit alive.  Popular methods include weekly virtual drinks, online quizzes, or small buddy groups to avoid the dreaded ‘Zoom fatigue’.


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