Home vs Office: A Millennial’s Perspective by James Nagra from Hyperscale Group

No one could have predicted the situation we are in right now. Over 9.6 million jobs furloughed, with many others made redundant, mass homeworking, high-profile businesses entering administration and the closing of public spaces. The coronavirus pandemic has completely altered the way in which we go about our daily lives and with new lockdown restrictions recently announced, the aftermath will undoubtedly be long term. As a millennial, this is the first recession that I am experiencing in my adult life and its effects will surely remain with us for the years to come.  As someone that is relatively new to the working world, it has caused me to reflect upon my experiences of working from home and office-based working.

If someone had told me before this pandemic that I would have the opportunity to work from home, I would have been elated. Free from the grind of daily commutes, not having to deal with busy public transport, longer lie-ins and no temptation of spending money in the abundance of city-centre shops and restaurants. These are all valid and genuine assumptions, however, working from home has led to the realisation of the many benefits of office-based working that often go unnoticed.

Firstly, working in an environment where we have been conditioned to relax is a definitive challenge.  

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