Secure Mobility for Remote Workers

Lookout helps businesses scale mobile security as employees go remote


When everyone works remotely

Most organizations rely on employees based in offices to conduct business operations. When the need arises to work remotely, businesses are faced with logistical, technological, and cultural challenges. Not only must businesses ensure employees have sufficient connectivity and reliable devices for work, they must provide security that extends beyond the corporate perimeter. With employees connecting from home networks and other remote locations, traditional perimeter-based security is no longer as relevant. Organizations must move critical perimeter security services to the endpoint, and access to data must be based on a continuous assessment of trust, starting from an assumption of zero trust.

Real world use case

With professional workers at home, or in remote locations, the one constant for them all is  the increased use of their mobile device to continue performing their job. In times of crisis European Governments are recommending people work from home and are warning citizens to expect months of disruption. This means organizations need to explore flexible work options including telecommuting and must have the information technology and infrastructure needed to support multiple employees who may be able to work from home.

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