Lookout Stops Phishing Attacks Targeting Law Firms

Lookout Phishing and Content Protection protects attorneys from mobile threats


Industry-Wide Security Challenges

Law firms are highly dependent on mobile devices, which allowing attorneys to be responsive to client needs. This means a large amount of information they are required to keep private and confidential is accessed outside the four walls of a firm, and outside the reach of traditional security tools. The need to work at any time and from anywhere means devices are used for personal and work life, which often results in a conflict between security and privacy for attorneys. A mix of personal and corporate-owned devices also poses a significant challenge for law firms, particularly as more customer data is stored in cloud-based services.

Real World Use Case for Law Firms

Attorneys are a prime target for mobile phishing attacks as they rely on mobile devices, but law firms oftentimes have legacy secure models in place. In fact, 80% of law firms reported phishing attempts in 20181. The goal of attacks is to capture corporate cloud credentials to get to sensitive client information, so IT and security teams must be able to provide security tools that identify phishing links on mobile devices across work and personal email, messaging, and social media applications.

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