Alternative Takeaways with Joy Kingsley, Senior Partner at JMW Solicitors

Here are three takeaways from our recent Legal Management Hangout where we heard from Joy Kingsley, Senior Partner at JMW Solicitors, as she shared her thoughts on navigating virtual working.



While Zoom can be great for time-saving, especially when it comes to interviews, Joy explained the key elements of training and development that can only be facilitated by being present in an office environment.

“There are concerns about the training of younger people. That’s them hearing what goes on in the office, hearing partners, having conversations with other people and the general learning that goes on in the office that doesn’t happen over Zoom. When you’ve travelled quite a long way in a short time as a firm, a lot that happens is partners sparking off each other and talking to clients together and hearing about opportunities. And it’s that type of thing that doesn’t happen in a Zoom arena.”

Although firms are generally adapting well to remote working, virtual training cannot compare to in-person learning, and this is one of the sacrifices many teams are forced to make during Covid.



Joy reiterated the unpredictability of the situation and that, although JMW Solicitors have celebrated success, it’s important to keep one eye on the future to be best prepared for whatever Covid may throw at us next.

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