Alternative Takeaways with Steve Dalgleish, Head of Technology at Shepherd & Wedderburn

We heard from Steve Dalgleish, Head of Technology at Shepherd & Wedderburn at our Legal IT Hangout, where our panellists discussed the practicalities of remote working and how to best support clients and team members, and how tech can be used to do so. Here are three takeaways from what Steve shared.


Guiding trainees is high on the priority list for Shepherd and Wedderburn. But, how can this be achieved when trainees aren’t in the office environment, learning from watching their mentors? Steve shared some of the approaches his firm has taken.

“We have an IT trainer, and she gets very heavily involved in communication, but also the onboarding of new employees. So she’s been pulled in to advise on training methods and supervision around the trainee level. How would you maintain that level of supervision and ongoing education while virtual working is in place? We’ve come to a landing that some of the communications methods are better than others. We’re still trying to find the ultimate solution, and we talked about moving on with Zoom and the new versions there. The capabilities are coming forward all the time. They’re coming forward quicker than they ever have.

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