Alternative Takeaways with Deborah O’Neill, UK & Ireland Head of Digital at Oliver Wyman

At our recent Tech Leaders Hangout, our panel talked about leadership in the virtual working environment. Here are three takeaways from Deborah O’Neill, UK & Ireland Head of Digital at management consultancy, Oliver Wyman


Being in management consulting, most of the advisory work I do is with other organisations on how they run effectively. Lots of conversations we’re having at the moment is around the opportunity to de-layer management structures and move decision making closer to those impacted. This is because you can move to a much more cross-functional, smaller, decision-making basis when connecting remotely – and on a more frequent basis. Organisations are seizing the chance to change how they communicate and free up roles or time to look at more strategic topics.


“We are seeing a shift to a more nimble way of working, with more frequent decision-making and targeted spending. Executives are saying, ‘let’s spend a bit of money and check it’s doing what we expect before we spend the full amount. That’s brought a massive culture change in terms of how decisions get made and how efficiencies are realised.

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