Alternative Takeaways with Lara Oyesanya, General Counsel & Chief Risk Officer at Contis

Here are three takeaways from Lara Oyesanya, General Counsel & Chief Risk Officer at Contis, at our recent In-House Legal Hangout where we discussed virtual working.



If you’ve joined a company during the lockdown, investing in regular virtual meetings can help you get to know your colleagues when face-to-face catch-ups aren’t an available option. Lara described her experience of being onboarded virtually as being positive and seamless, despite the physical distance.

“I joined the company during the lockdown and I think there’s a huge advantage in working for a technology company. It’s been a seamless switch from office working to remote working. And honestly, I was just so surprised as to how well onboarding went from receiving my equipment on Friday before I started with a handwritten welcome card”.

 From a leadership perspective, I have a team of 12 and I’ve only met one person face-to-face. We just have interactions and meetings online all the time and I don’t feel I’m missing out on getting to know them, because we have regular meetings.”



“Having weekly or bi-weekly meetings help me ensure that the organisation is compliant and, in terms of new initiatives, remains so. As a regulated business, I don’t have the luxury of letting anything slip and also it’s a way for me to build relationships, being the newbie!”

Not only does staying in regular contact with clients keep you updated on the various goings-on of the business, but it also helps to forge positive, lasting relationships.



Lara highlighted the efficiency of finding ways to use existing tech and systems before finding something new but also reiterated the importance of asking for what you need.

“I’m a big fan of trying to understand what you have within the enterprise that you can use to support the team. And if it’s integrated with the business, even better, because it’s easier for everybody, where possible, to work off the same system. For me, working for a technology company, I think there’s no issue in terms of how I get the sort of technology that I need to do the work that is needed. I just ask for it. And if it can be built, it will get built for us.”

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