Alternative Takeaways with Helen Barker, Counsel for Knowledge Management at Diageo

Here are three takeaways from Helen Barker, Counsel for Knowledge Management at Diageo, at our recent In-House Legal Hangout where our panel discussed the challenges of remote working.


“Because we don’t have face to face time in the office, we’ve had to take much more focused steps at creating that interaction. So we’ve moved to team meetings and socialising online.

I’ve observed that, over the period of lockdown, we are missing the interaction that you have in the office and how important that office environment is.

If you were to just jump on a video call with somebody very quickly to speak to them, you are getting the face to face interaction and that’s not quite the same as being in the room, but it’s a pretty good alternative.”

Helen explained just how important it is to find alternative ways to stay in touch with colleagues when you don’t have the option to meet in person.


Collaborating may be easier during a team brainstorm in the boardroom but there are other ways and resources to access teamwork at home, thanks to technology.

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