Alternative Takeaways from Matthew Glover, Head of Legal Operations at Colt Technology Services

Here are three takeaways from Matthew Glover, Head of Legal Operations at Colt Technology Services, at our recent In-House Legal Hangout where the panel shared their thoughts on working remotely.



Matthew explained how he and his team have prioritised wellbeing by making conversation personal as well as work-based.

“When we got into the first part of the lockdown, the main focus was really on employee health and wellbeing. Because it was clear that if people were in a difficult state personally because their home situation was very, very challenging or the wider situation was challenging for them, then work was just going to be another added pressure and that was going to be really difficult for them. 

The team interaction has been focused very much around that sort of personal wellbeing. So we’re sharing a lot more stories about what we’ve been up to during the lockdown. You know, hobbies, the things we’ve been able to achieve that are separate from work and I think we’ve learned a lot more about each other as a team as a result of that. That’s been really central to a lot of the team communication that we’ve been doing.”




“One of the things we lose when we’re away from the offices is a lot of that spontaneity has gone. So I’m not going to walk into my kitchen and find the head of sales in there in the way that I would at work!

So I think you’ve got to be a lot more proactive in the way that you’re connecting with your internal customers. You’ve got to make a conscious effort, just as you have with your people in your team. You’ve got to do the same with your internal customers.

It’s the only way we’re going to find out what’s happening in the business. We can’t just rely on serendipity when we’re all at home.”

Communication can feel more natural in the work environment but requires an extra level of intentionality when working from home, both with team members and clients.



Technology has come into its own in a new way as the virtual working arrangement has encroached its way into offices across the world.

“I don’t think there’s been any one single stand up piece of technology that I’d say has either revolutionised the way that we work remotely or has been essential to working remotely, other than the obvious things like conferencing platforms.

So I think what we’ve noticed more is that the digital investments we’ve made (and that’s not just about systems – that’s any kind of digital solution that we’ve come up with no matter how simple), have really paid dividends now through that lockdown. It’s useful when the business is operating as normal from the office. But it’s been super useful now we’re all remote and that’s everything; a digital signature, providing dashboard reporting to people, any kind of self-serve documents or tools that we make available to the business. All of that has made life easier, having that in place.”

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