Alternative Takeaways with Sunil Shah, IT Partner at MGR

Here are three takeaways from Sunil Shah, IT Partner at MGR, at our recent Accountancy Hangout where our panel of speakers discussed how accountancy firms can best facilitate remote working for their people and clients, using technology to do so.


From broadband speed to security and ergonomics, how can you best equip your team with technology?

“Checking in with people is quite critical and making sure everybody’s got the right equipment, the right setup, and are able to work from home. The issue we faced was the difference in broadband and that was a challenge because not everybody had a good connection.

Looking to the future, we need to look at how we, as a practice, can help make that adaption better for our staff. So we are thinking of offering broadband wherever possible to make sure we’re ready for it.  Because as your headline says, like it or not it’s here to stay and we recognise that. And it’s working great for us in many parts of the business.

Obviously, we need face-to-face interaction but remote working is here to stay, so we want to make sure that people are ready for it and are technologically set up for it.

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