Alternative Takeaways with Abi Bown, Chief Growth Officer at Cooper Parry

Here are three takeaways from Abi Bown, Chief Growth Officer at Cooper Parry, at our recent Accountancy Hangout where our panel of speakers shared their experiences of working remotely as accountancy firms and how to work well with people and clients, using technology to do so.


Take advantage of tech to organise a variety of team catch-ups, from smaller, frequent catch-ups to larger, less frequent meetings.

“We already had a culture of working from anywhere, pre-lockdown. But we’ve definitely seen that be turbocharged as everyone’s forced to work differently and, personally, I think that’s great. Our productivity has actually increased rather than decreased. Things that we have kept in, which are working well, are daily kickstarts. For just 15 minutes every morning – good morning, how are you doing, how are you feeling today and what are your key priorities. This made a big difference, particularly to those who are isolated/might be working from a bedroom or shed, and it gives you a chance to check in with everybody.

We’ve also continued our virtual town hall meetings. We call them ‘hollers’, and we had 200 people this morning at 9am on a call, including our chief officer calling and presenting from her camper van in the highlands.”

A variety of meeting formats works well when managing a large team and maintaining an element of structure.

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