Alternative Takeaways with Peter Taylor, Managing Partner at Paris Smith

Here are three takeaways from Peter Taylor, Managing Partner at Paris Smith as he talked about meeting changing client needs post-Covid at our recent Legal Management Hangout where our speakers discussed how legal teams can best serve internal clients in the current and post-Covid remote/digital environment.

Build a positive mindset

“When a storm hits, you can either cower in a cave until it passes or go out and build a windmill. We very much believe in the latter approach. Find out what clients are worrying about and think how you can learn from that and how you can best support them. Sharing the learnings you get from clients and understanding what their needs are creates a real knowledge bank within yourself, and within the firm, that you can turn into insights to share with others and demonstrate thought-leadership and helpfulness.”

Peter explained how working with clients to find out what they want and how you can best support them helps set your business up for success during testing times.

Segment your clients according to circumstances

When it comes to your clients there is no ‘one size fits all’, Peter explained how at Paris Smith they divided their clients into different areas during the lockdown period an dhow they could assist each of these areas to the best of the firms ability.

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