Alternative Takeaways with Derek Southall, Founder & CEO of Hyperscale Group

Here are three takeaways from Derek Southall, Founder & CEO of Hyperscale Group as he talked about the post-Covid Law Firm of the future at our recent Legal Management Hangout where our speakers discussed how legal teams can best serve internal clients in the current and post-Covid remote/digital environment.

Recruit from anywhere

Derek highlighted that we no longer need to recruit from areas directly surrounding offices due to the rise in remote and agile working.

“There was a survey in The Lawyer which found that more than half of lawyers no longer want to work in an office. That’s frightening for law firm leaders, but it’s also an opportunity. If you have an office in Manchester, historically you would need to rely on local talent to staff it. But thanks to the boom in remote working, that’s potentially no longer the case. You can recruit from anywhere. And this virtual way of working could really help to accelerate mid-market firms into a higher league.”

Reassess your real estate

“It’s been estimated that average building occupancy for the foreseeable future will be around 35%, down from the previous figure of 56%.

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