COVID19 has created a significant amount of change and upheaval to businesses globally. To add to the complexity, most companies have been forced to adopt remote working policies to help ensure the safety of their workforce, even if they didn’t previously have the capabilities. During these tense times, many businesses have had to cut costs wherever possible.

However cyber criminals are not reducing their budgets any time soon. There has been a huge increase in the volume of attacks – 51% of organisations have been impacted by ransomware in the past 12 months, with 82% of organisations experiencing downtime from an attack. The time to be lax about cyber security is certainly not now.


Attackers inventiveness

Cyber attackers regularly exploit times of confusion or global issues to conduct cyber-attacks and email phishing campaigns. They assess how well organisations secure their networks to identify vulnerabilities in infrastructure and defences, which they use to improve attack methodologies. With so many people over the world working from home, more security is needed as employees use less secure networks from home.

So, what are T-Tech’s key takeaways in protecting your network from security breaches?

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