Here are three takeaways from Helen Tucker, Partner & Chair of the Board at Anthony Collins Solicitors when talking about communicating with clients in the post-Covid digital environment at our recent Legal Management Hangout where our speakers discussed how legal teams can best serve internal clients in the current and post-Covid remote/digital environment.

Take a sector-specific approach

Helen explained that certain approaches need to be taken dependent on the sector they relate to.

“A sector tailored response is needed. What works for health and social care, for example, won’t work for family. To give an example, in one of our corporate sectors we had the idea for a retainer service to cover Covid-related issues. We discussed it with a couple of trusted clients, and they were keen. So we ran that with a group of clients to the end of June, and it generated some guaranteed fees of a level that we probably wouldn’t have had from those clients otherwise.”

Helen highlights that working with some trusted clients to work on and explore new ideas can be a good way of progressing during these times.

Keep the channels open

Communication is key at the best of the times and this has never been more true than it is now.

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