There are few, if any, businesses that have been unaffected by the recent covid-19 pandemic. Those hardest hit have been small and medium-sized organisations; many of those who have survived and thrived showed quick reactions and agility to meet with the ongoing challenges of the pandemic. Data is critical to this success.

This is the first of three articles aimed at helping you to get value from the data inside your organisation:

Article 1: There is no business without data, and there is no data without business –  in this article we explore the kinds of data there are, how you can start to gain insight and value from the data inside your organisation and also the issues of the bias that can be contained within it.

Article 2: Democratisation, everyone needs to play their part – explores the role we can all play in understanding, consolidating, and preparing data for use. By empowering people in your organisation to become initially more data-aware and ultimately citizens of data science.

Article 3: One step beyond, from analytics to ethical artificial intelligence –  In the final article we discover how we can move from data and analytics into exploring the value we can gain from artificial intelligence and how to make sure from the very start you consider the importance of diversity and ethics in your AI projects

Article 1: There is no business without data, and there is no data without business

Now is the time to make the investment

By 2025, it is estimated that 463 exabytes of data will be created each day globally, for a perspective that is the equivalent of over 212 million DVDs per day!

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