In our previous Return to the Office articles the Lights-On team has explored the considerations for a post-lockdown law firm, with articles focusing on People and WorkplacesIT ServiceTechnology, and Governance.

In this, our final piece in the Return to the Office series, our team of IT Project Consultants (Robin BoyleHarvey EvansMartin Kay and Colin Mounsey) assess how the COVID-19 pandemic may create long-term change in law firms’ working practices.

Drawing on their collective experience of implementing IT and technology solutions and services in the world of legal, the team focuses on the practical application of technology to support new working practices, covering:

  • Business process
  • Logistics and the implications of office working
  • Travel
  • Dealing with potential future lockdowns

The impact of COVID-19 on working practices could be dramatic. As a ‘non-tech’ example to make a point, take dress-codes. It is tradition to wear suits in the legal sector but very few have worn them at home! Firms to date have explored dress down policies or “no client, no suit” policies in the office but what happens now?

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