Alternative Takeaways with Stephen Brown, Consultant at Lights-on Consulting

Here are three takeaways from Stephen Brown, Consultant at Lights-on Consulting who talked about how law firms are meeting client needs remotely during our recent Hangout which focused on how legal teams can best serve internal clients in the current and post-Covid remote/digital environment.

Video conferencing

We are now working in an environment where we spend more time on video conference calls. There are a number of video conferencing facilities out there for companies to use, it’s important that companies use the same facility for consistency and continuity across both internal and client meetings.

“There are lots of video conferencing services available. Microsoft Teams seems to be winning the battle for the corporate workspace. Greater use of VC brings its own issues to consider, from basic questions of everyone having the right tech and software to use it, to ‘softer’ issues around things like online etiquette, terminology, processes for conducting meetings, and so on. Firms should consider training for their people to ensure consistency across the firm.”

Storing the data

“We’ve seen a big rise in instant messaging, too, like WhatsApp, text messages and the like. This leads on to a wider conversation about what you do with that data.

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