In the previous Return to the Office articles on ‘People and Workplaces’ and ‘IT Service’ we focused on some considerations for the post-lockdown law firm to enable a safe, productive, secure and effective working environment for all staff whether at home or in the office. Christiaan Frickel of Lights-On now takes a look at considerations for the post-lockdown law firm with regard to technology.

The technology factors

As restrictions are lifted, many factors will come into play and affect firms emerging from solely (or near solely) remote working. There will be many lessons learned and opportunities presented for technological improvements but also a long list of “tidy up” tasks that have built up in the hurry to quickly provide successful remote operation.

Opportunities for change 

Just as any business continuity event presents an opportunity to invest in areas previously under-resourced, so will the pandemic. Is it time to bite the bullet on paperless and look at that inbound scanning project again, or will inbound paper be a thing of the past as the professional service industry realises it can run without paper? Removing paper from the legal sector has only ever been an aspiration and some say a pipe dream, but recent times have advanced the whole legal system into having to embrace e-signatures, paperless submissions and paperless court activity so, if there was ever a time to seize the day, it is now.

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