Return to the Office – Governance

In the previous Lights-On Consulting Return to the Office articles, we covered ‘People and Workplaces’, ‘IT Service’ and ‘Technology’ to help law firms address some of the key considerations in their post-lockdown planning.

In this, our penultimate article in the series, Steve Whitwham considers the governance issues that may need to be addressed as part of a firm’s ‘return to office’ planning and sets out some important recommendations.

Just as Spring gives way to Summer, lockdown measures will give way to economic pressures as governments strive to re-start the economy and save those sectors facing economic challenges.

Return to office-based business is inevitable and firms will be keen to re-establish a presence in the office but it is unlikely that the professional services sector will revert to how things were before COVID-19. New ways of working will require new operating models and those in turn will need new governance measures.

These new operating models and the move from a fully in-office set-up prior to the pandemic to a hybrid or even virtual firm will require radical changes to employment contracts, service methods, performance management and governance models.

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