Alternative Takeaways with Sam Moore, Innovation Manager at Burness Paull

Here are three takeaways from Sam Moore, Innovation Manager at Burness Paull who talked to us about meeting changing client needs post-Covid during our recent Hangout which focused on how legal teams can best serve internal clients in the current and post-Covid remote/digital environment.

Clients want reassurance

As we live in more of a technical world Clients demand more from their legal providers. They want to understand what technology their lawyers are using, how it works and how it can benefit this. Sam covered this whilst he spoke to attendees.

“Clients increasingly want details of the technology you’re using and how you use it. In the past, many would tend to just assume the lawyers had their technology house in order. Not anymore. Now you need to be prepared to show them you know what’s under the hood and how you intend to use it to meet their needs.”

Invest in robust IT

“Without robust IT and good training, most law firms would have been completely unable to operate during lockdown. And it is likely to happen again. For most firms, this should mean taking a Board-level interest in the IT estate, if that wasn’t already the case.

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