The pandemic and lockdown have clearly impacted on everyone. The unthinkable has happened and we have seen unprecedented change. The world has been thrown into uncharted territory – there has also been a lot of doomsday speculation about what will follow. Without doubt the world’s economy will have sustained damage, but this is a time for being alert and using your own judgment, rather than being carried away by the thoughts of the media who are perhaps being starved of news to report on due to lockdown. I tried to set out our thoughts on this in a conversation with a carpenter.

Time has moved on now and even the 2 meter rule is beginning to be relaxed. Where are we though? Where is the market now and what has changed? How do we need to change and where are the opportunities?

Let’s look at one aspect of the legal market. I have spoken to, and have tried to support, a number of law firm leaders though this crisis and it has been a hugely difficult time. Looking forward has been challenging for them. They have had their hands full keeping things stable, but everyone now recognises the need to look forward.

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