Alternative Takeaways with Chris Fox, General Counsel at Kambi

Here are three takeaways from Chris Fox, General Counsel at Kambi talking about meeting changing client needs post-Covid.

Keep talking

Chris highlighted the need continue talking with your team whilst we don’t have the ability to just catch up with people in the usual way in the office.

“Remote working makes it far harder to ensure you are tapped into conversations within the business; that you understand what the commercial priorities are and what the strategy is. Communication is harder virtually. There are no ‘water cooler’ moments to chat with colleagues.  Although tools like Zoom, Teams and Skype have made lockdown far easier than it would have been 20 years ago, it’s incumbent on the legal team, on everyone really, to try and build those processes and systems that enable better transparency and knowledge sharing.”

Maintain good governance       

Establishing and maintaining governance process is something that Chris explained is key to avoid siloed working.

“Make sure you establish or maintain good governance processes, because coupled with a lack of transparency, you can get siloed working. For example, sales people prematurely saying contracts have been signed when they haven’t, which triggers follow-up resource spend and utilisation, without the protection of an agreement.

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