Industry Insights: Meeting changing client needs in the post-covid digital environment

Here is our new report ‘Meeting changing client needs in the post-covid digital environment’, in partnership with Circit.

Meeting client needs and effective client communication – two of the biggest challenges facing professional services firms as they adapt to new working models.

The remote working approach that most firms have adopted – and which looks to become a much more accepted way of working in a post-Covid world – is, by definition, largely uncentralised.

This can be liberating and enable a more flexible approach, freeing firms from some of the rigid systems and costs of having a large, expensive, high-capacity office. But at the same time, this kind of digitally-enabled ‘hub and spoke’ model can create huge challenges in terms of communicating consistently with clients and responding to their evolving needs.

In this report hear from Moore Kingston SmithHPH Chartered AccountantsBDO, Dr Helena Boschi and Redstor.

Download the full report below.

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