Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – Three Bites for In-House Teams, by Former easyJet GC Giles Pemberton

Three bites for in-house teams, by former easyJet GC Giles Pemberton

Use what you’ve got

Undertake a review of all technology available to the team (legal-specific or otherwise) that could be used to greater effect. We often suggest clients look into their Office 365 toolbox to see how the ever-growing array of Microsoft applications could benefit some of their simple regular tasks. Improvements to document management can offer significant benefits via better-organised libraries and folders, even without the use of dedicated products. These simple actions can make remote working for the whole team more efficient with little or no expenditure.

Review what you do

Teams should undertake regular reviews (via surveys or in-person) to stay in step with the wider business… but be prepared for unexpected results! Use these to re-align services and improve the team’s value to the business whilst enriching the work of its lawyers – it may lead to, say, contract automation and self-service tools which provide the business with quicker responses to fast-moving requirements where risks are limited. Also consider knowledge management which, with a little thought about optimising the people, processes and systems available, can become a useful tool for the team. Maybe start by agreeing on a consistent folder structure with the team that allows sharing where appropriate… and then be topical by gathering all Covid-related know-how together.

Engage with IT

Many teams unlock the potential of technology by appointing people who (want to) understand the benefits of available tools, helping to get the best from systems and processes. Alternatively, befriend someone in IT who is prepared to help by demonstrating optional capabilities and making these available to the team.

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