Alternative Takeaways with Adrian Rodaway, Managing Partner at HPH Chartered Accountants

Here are three takeaways from Adrian Rodaway, Managing Partner at HPH Chartered Accountants talking on the subject of meeting changing client needs post-Covid.

Relationships are key

Across professional services we often talk about how critical relationships with clients, amongst all other stakeholder, are. During the Covid-19 crisis this point has been more prevalent than ever. Whilst clients demands and requirements are rapidly changing this means professional services firms are also having to do the same.

“Professional advisors have traditionally had a privileged position in their clients’ lives. In the past few months, our right to that position has been under scrutiny like never before.”

Relationships with clients are either strengthened or weakened during this time and Adrian explained how HPH Chartered Accountants are changing the way they work to adapt to these new client requirements.

“As we move of the most acute phase of the crisis, clients will be looking for deeper relationships than before as they seek to rebuild their fragile businesses. And the advisors they choose to build those relationships with will be the ones that stepped up to the mark over the past few months. We all need people to talk to and even strong leaders often need someone to chat things over with,” he says.

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