Alternative Takeaways with Becky Shields, Partner at Moore Kingston Smith

Here are three takeaways from Becky Shields, Partner at Moore Kingston Smith talking on the subject of meeting changing client needs in the post-covid digital environment.

Communication is key

During these times communication with clients is key and the level of contact that the client received before should remain the same.

“Try to keep talking to clients as regularly as you can – and as regularly as they are used to. Even if it is just to say hello and let them know you are still there and ready to support them if they need it.”

Becky gave insight into what their clients expected from them during lockdown and beyond.

“Think about how and what you want to communicate to clients. We found that clients wanted more than technical accounting advice. They wanted to understand how other businesses were faring in this environment, any insights they could gain from other people’s experiences, not only commercially, but also in terms of things like staff welfare. We are the central point that can share that kind of information with them.”

Communication and the delivery of communications, whether to clients, colleagues or other stakeholders, has never been more important than it is now. As we all adjust to the ‘new normal’, sharing knowledge, insight and experiences from across the industry is proving helpful to businesses as they learn from how others are navigating this new landscape.

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Condense how you communicate

As we all get used to working from home, many of us have found our email traffic sky rocket.

This means how you communicate with you clients is critical.

Scrolling through numerous emails to find the piece information they are looking for is no longer an option and, as Becky explained, Moore Kingston Smith are centralising their delivery platform to ensure their clients have their key information stored in one place, that is easily accessible and searchable.


“We realised clients could potentially be receiving quite a lot of information from us from several different channels, which could be confusing. So we plan to centralise our delivery platform to make it easier for clients to revisit the information and reorganise it in a way that suits them. They won’t need to trawl back through emails from different parts of the firm trying to find the specific piece of information they need. It would also make it easier to manage data security and privacy, for both ourselves and the clients.”

Team briefings

“You need to make the effort to regularly bring other team members up to speed, so everyone knows where things are up to, can share their insights and feel like they are part of that client’s journey. I have lots of conversations with clients over the telephone or video conference. But if those were face-to-face meetings, I would probably be accompanied by at least one other member of the team, who would be part of that discussion and share any knowledge and insights gained. That is no longer happening, so you have to find the time and make the effort to do it yourself.”

One of the best ways of keeping the wider team up to date with client news and updates is to include other team members in meetings, have regular team briefings and catching up in the office. Given the current climate this is no longer the case. To ensure that critical information isn’t siloed or missed Becky explained the importance of keeping the wider team regularly briefed and updated, whether that is via update emails, regular update calls or video calls.

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