New research from DocsCorp shows enterprise software investment will continue, despite the COVID-19 crisis

New research from DocsCorp finds that updating underperforming or outdated legacy software will be a priority for businesses in 2020 – despite the impact of the global pandemic COVID-19. More than 60% of people surveyed said the main objective of buying new enterprise software would be to improve productivity, as opposed to reducing costs or increasing reporting capabilities.

DocsCorp surveyed 500 Project Managers in the U.S. in March 2020, when businesses’ responses to the escalating health crisis were already in place, and several of the country’s biggest cities had implemented various stages of lockdown. The findings show that the response to COVID-19 has not adversely affected investment in enterprise software. Possibly, it helped some organizations realize their existing systems weren’t ready to support a fast transition to remote working.

Those surveyed said the most significant barrier to purchasing new software was budget. One third of respondents said their most recent software purchase went over budget, and more than half said it also took longer to implement than expected. Despite these challenges, more than 40% say they plan to purchase new enterprise software this year.

A lack of software demos and pilot programs may go some way in explaining the misjudged expenses and time frames.

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