DocsCorp: Osborne Clarke Rolls out pdfDocs for PDF Editing and Bundling Integrated with iManage Work 10

DocsCorp, a leading provider of enterprise productivity solutions, today announced that Osborne Clarke, a leading international legal practice, is switching to pdfDocs for PDF creation, editing, and bundling. Osborne Clarke now has the complete DocsCorp desktop productivity suite, including compareDocs for legal document comparison and cleanDocs for metadata management, which replaced the firm’s previous solutions in 2017.

Integrated PDF workflows

“In terms of key factors in our decision to purchase pdfDocs, the iManage Work 10 integration was an absolute necessity for us. As was better integration with our existing DocsCorp suite. Having all the tools in one ribbon makes them easy to access and use,” explained Stuart Chapman, Osborne Clarke’s Head of IT Applications. pdfDocs integrates with iManage Work 10 out of the box. Through the right-click menu or Microsoft Office DocsCorp ribbon, users can send documents to pdfDocs and redact sensitive information, add a digital signature, edit text and images, and much more. The updated documents can be saved back into iManage Work 10 as a new document, or as a new version.

“We feel that our people will benefit from a much cleaner UI, with many of the more advanced features hidden from the casual user. The simplicity will certainly help with the adoption of the tool,” Stuart explained.

An improved tablet editing experience

Remote working has skyrocketed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and paperless PDF editing workflows have become vital. Google searches for ‘e-signatures’ has increased 170% worldwide in the last three months. The Pencil tool in pdfDocs empowers users to work with their documents anywhere. Using their stylus, staff can sign a contract, write changes in the margins, or highlight sections for review. “The enhanced functionality for marking up and making notes on tablet and touchscreen devices will benefit us greatly,” Stuart said.

Samantha Jefferies, DocsCorp VP of Sales EMEA, said, “An integrated PDF application will deliver even greater efficiencies at Osborne Clarke. Staff now have an entire suite of core legal applications at their fingertips – empowering them to stay productive and secure.”