DocsCorp, a leading provider of enterprise productivity solutions, today announced it has completed acquisition agreements for Verowave Technologies, a UK provider of document production and assembly software. The verowave Platform (verodocs, verosheets, and veroslides) will be integrated into the DocsCorp document productivity suite and re-branded as veroDocs.

With this acquisition, DocsCorp brings together document assembly and production, PDF creation and editing, document comparison, metadata cleaning, and email recipient checking into an integrated suite.

Commenting on the announcement, Scott Hews, Verowave Managing Director, said, “I see the acquisition as the beginning of a very exciting chapter in the continuing evolution of the veroDocs product. I believe with the support and backing of the DocsCorp team, we can make the veroDocs product and the entire DocsCorp platform the leader in this space.”

“We are very pleased to announce this important acquisition for DocsCorp,” said Dean Sappey, DocsCorp President and Co-Founder. “We undertook a detailed analysis of template and document production systems globally, including existing products and those still in development. We wanted Verowave because it is built on the very latest in document technology and has had proven success in only three short years.”

Dean explained that veroDocs is integral to DocsCorp’s goal of providing enterprises all their document tools in a single toolbar.

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