Capital Law is now using pdfDocs for true redaction and easy Court Bible creation

DocsCorp, a leading provider of enterprise productivity solutions, today announced that Capital Law, a leading commercial firm with headquarters in Cardiff and an office in London, has selected pdfDocs to redact sensitive information from documents and automate the creation of secure PDF binders. The firm also decided on compareDocs to simplify the process of accurately comparing two versions of a document for changes.

Capital Law will use the applications to improve productivity by automating some of its most time-consuming and manual processes. pdfDocs will speed up the process of redacting text and images with the ability to search for and redact all instances of a word, phrase, or common number set. It will also make the creation of secure PDF binders and Court Bibles more efficient: users can merge documents and folders from multiple locations into a single PDF binder and add new documents or make changes in seconds, not hours.

Staff in specific departments who need to quickly and accurately compare legal documents for changes will now use compareDocs. Both applications integrate with the firm’s document management system (iManage) and its case management system.

“When we evaluated pdfDocs and compareDocs, we saw the potential to help our staff be even more productive by focusing their energy on tasks that cannot be automated,” said Capital Law IT Director Rhys Davies.

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