In the previous Return to the Office article we focused on the people and workplace aspects of exit from lockdown. In this piece, Stephen Brown discusses what implications the exit from lockdown may have on IT service. Service can mean many things within a law firm, but we cover the IT service desk, 2nd line support and service from IT suppliers, and we touch on the IT impact of service to clients.

This paper aims to provide some food for thought and discussion points for law firms and their IT teams in planning the IT Service aspects of a return to office-based working.

Practical, physical return to the office

As restrictions are lifted, many factors will come into play and affect firms emerging from solely (or near solely) remote working.

  • IT Service Team – the IT Service Team must now move from solely 1st line telephone / remote screen takeover support to a blend including 2nd line hands-on support. IT teams will have to support the ‘bi-modal’ law firm (a mix of in-office and home-based workers) either for a transition period or, if the law firm seizes an opportunity, forever. Some of the effects on a law firm’s IT Service Desk will be obvious but prepare for others to be more leftfield.

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