Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence – Are we there yet?

It’s about this time of year, and in this kind of weather, you hear that call from the back of the car ‘are we there yet?’ – but that was back in more normal times, things have changed now.

The big professional services companies are saying, we have seen years worth of digital transformation happen in the last few months.

This tweet poll from Brian Solis shows the driver for most transformation within organisations at the moment. The Coronavirus.


But surely when it comes to digital transformation, we must all be there now?

Sadly not, the pandemic was a wake-up call for many organisations who were holding out to see if they really needed to adopt digital, or even worse, the dreaded AI!

Some were already on the journey and adapted to the ‘new normal’ and home working quickly, and others have struggled, but know to continue to exist it is now an imperative.

Over the last few months technology has proved itself, whether through back to back Zoom and Teams video calls, through rapid automation of many tasks that were human based before they were furloughed, or supporting the healthcare system solving logistical challenges or helping with potential solutions for the Coronavirus.

For those in professional services that hear the voices in their organisation from behind them asking ‘are we there yet’ on their digital strategy, this is a call to action.

You are sat on your greatest assets, your people, and your data and in the months ahead you need to value both equally.


The changes you need to make will only happen with the support and understanding of your people.

The transformation you need to undertake or complete will be determined by the value you can extract from your data. As data will lead to the business impacts that need to be made in the post pandemic world.

The call to action?

Find out where you are with your data, much of the work required before you reach the enlightened state of ‘impact’ will be around data consolidation, cleansing and preparation. Skill your people up to become ‘citizen data scientists’, the people with business knowledge and expertise that can use every day tools like Microsoft Excel to start to get your data ready.

Understand, evaluate, and implement Artificial Intelligence solutions, but only where they address a business need or solve a business challenge. Seek help if you need to but make the start.

For many organisations wise use of technology will be the difference between thriving, or nose diving.

If you are on the journey, make sure you get there soon.

Nige Willson
awaken AI

Nigel Willson

Awaken AI
Nigel is a Global Speaker, Influencer and Advisor on Artificial Intelligence & Innovation. He has his own independent AI advisory company called Awaken AI and is also co-founder of We and AI a non-profit organisation promoting the ethical use of AI for the benefit of everyone. He sits on several advisory boards, where he hopes to help ensure that AI is used in a fair, ethical and transparent way and promote the use of AI to level inequalities in the world, and promote AI for good and AI for all. Website Contact